Posted by: thecoloradan | May 23, 2012

where’s the okra?!

There are quite a few differences between Oklahoma and Colorado. Obviously. I mean, I have a huge metro about 15 miles south of my apartment and a gorgeous mountain view outside my kitchen window. But there are some other things I’ve started to notice, and they aren’t all good! (But most are)

First of all, we went to eat bar-b-que the other night, and while it was delicious, there was no fried okra! I mean seriously. They didn’t have white gravy for the mashed potatoes either. A travesty really. But I must say, Famous Daves is super delicious anyway, so if you happen to be in Colorado, feel free to take me to dinner. They’re mac-n-cheese (also different, it had corn in it) was some of the best I’ve ever had and I could go for another batch of those chili cheese fries!

And you know what else? When you go to a Mexican food restaurant, you have to PAY for queso. And sopapillas. It broke my heart, because we all know those are two of the best things at a Mexican restaurant. I realized later that it was that way when I lived in Texas too, but I don’t care. Now I want Pablano Grill’s sopapillas.

Another difference: liquor stores. For starters, I went to one on a Sunday. I had to get some wine as a gift. Not only was I there on a Sunday, but the wine was in the refrigerated section. That’s right- you can get cold booze on a Sunday. Shocking!

I’m sure I will find many more little differences in my new home state and I will be sure to keep you updated. Maybe we can find something together!?



  1. so… that mac and cheese sounds yummy! 🙂 No fried okra!?

    Oh gosh, to be able to buy wine on a Sunday! I’d love to be able to do that! Oh I thought of another difference… 6 pt beer! lol

    Shall I use MORE exclamations points in my comment!!!!!??? haha

  2. that’s hilarious!!!
    I would’ve guessed differences in bbq sauce but not side dishes LOL
    I can live without okra but NOT white gravy – you’ll just have to teach them all about it

    • i got the sweet and tangy sauce of course so i couldn’t tell a difference. i bet people that eat spicy sauce could tell more than me. we should eat there when you guys come unless we find something better

  3. WHY IS THERE CORN IN MACARONI?????? i’m not ok with that. in other news: WHY WILL IT BE JULY??? ok i’m done yelling now

    • it was so weird! but it was actually really tasty. and i’m assuming you meant to yell “when will it be july” at me. and my response is NOT SOON ENOUGH!!

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