Posted by: thecoloradan | May 30, 2012

on the field

So last night I went to the Rockies/Astros game for Memorial Day. It was really fun! I got the “rock pile” (aka cheap) tickets and spent half the time in the bar. No, I wasn’t drinking but it was less crowded and had a slightly better view. But the BEST part of the game was afterward. They had a fireworks show for the holiday and lucky for me, the rock pile seats were in the debris zone. Why lucky you ask? Because that meant we HAD to go down onto the field to watch the fireworks. That’s right- I spent part of my evening on a professional baseball field. Pretty awesome. The Rockies won in the 10th inning, the fireworks show was AWESOME, and I crossed a “first” off the list. Not that it was ever on the list but who cares? IT ROCKED!



  1. I bet that was awesome being on the field! Love the pictures.

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