Posted by: thecoloradan | June 9, 2012

the last week

I’ve finally started exploring the wonderful city that I have moved to and have decided to post a few pictures from my adventures. Sorry, they’re all from my cell.

Driving south (very safely I might add) into the city on my way to Fellowship Denver, the church I’ve been trying out for about a month.


I went to the First Friday Art Walk on Santa Fe. It was very similar to Paseo Art Walk in OKC, only much larger. Every building had at least two levels with about 5 or 6 galleries. There were people on the streets playing music and selling their own art. Almost every gallery had a bar of some sort (also different, in OKC we never had to pay for our little plastic cups of wine hehe). The art ranged from new age to Santa Fe style to almost pornographic. Sculpture, photography, jewelry, mixed-media, interactive – it was all there. I plan to go next month too! And yes, that is a watermelon.


These are from the Capitol Hill People’s Fair. I really enjoyed it! They closed off a few streets downtown and had hundreds of booths. I walked around in the drizzly rain, ate toasted cinnamon almonds, entered every booth I could squeeze into, and had a great time. I registered to vote and after the rain got too heavy, I went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman.

   That’s right!

Yesterday, I went to the Denver Public Library Book Sale. It was almost too much for me. There were three HUGE tents filled with row upon row of books with dozens of people surrounding each table. I did manage to find 5 books (for only $5.50!) and I decided that was worth the drive. We then ate some delicious Cajun food at Bayou Bob’s off of the 16th Street Mall.


Today was my day off, so I have been enjoying a relaxing day of laundry, fresh summer fruit from the market, and Game of Thrones.


Life here has been really great so far. And it can only get better because next week, my wonderful Brittany comes to visit. I’ll tell you all about the trouble we get into!



  1. ahhhh I CAN’T WAIT! 🙂 Love the sticker… i ordered a bumper sticker that says that, I’m still waiting for it to come in! But I’ve got my Obama phone case, yessss!!! 🙂 LOVE YOU!

  2. sounds great
    I can’t wait for you to show your city off later

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