Posted by: thecoloradan | June 28, 2012


Happy birthday to my brother Nate!!! It is getting harder and harder to be away from my family with each passing holiday/ birthday. My brother is pretty freaking awesome! We fought all the time as kids but I seriously can’t imagine a better brother. He is so laid back and quiet but I know he loves me. He would drive all night to Colorado if I ever needed him. He is one of the funniest people in my life, and even though most of the time his jokes are disgusting potty humor, he cracks me up! I can’t wait to see him- hopefully in July. I love you Nate and I wish I could be there to celebrate!




  1. What a neat post for Nate. He was his true self again last night. We had a good time celebrating Nate and Toni’s birthdays and Patrick and Grampa Bill’s Fathers’ Day ~~ but we missed YOU and Ty!!! Love ya’, Gramma Uni

  2. I definitely lucked out in the kid department – you are both so different and yet you are both giving and loving and fun
    we missed you so much last nite
    sure wish there were mountains here so you would be here too

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