Posted by: thecoloradan | July 7, 2012


Just wanted to do an update. I haven’t blogged in a while because my hard drive died on my computer. So I haven’t got one and it takes me forever to do it on this iPad. I’ve really just been working and trying to see some of Denver. Not much else going on. We planned on a couple camping trips but had to cancel reservations due to the fires. We visited Ft. Collins and I loved it! It’s so pretty and quite a bit closer to the mountains. It finally rained yesterday and today so hopefully the temperature will cool down and I can do some hiking and camping. I think I’m going to purchase a cheeeeeap bike too.

Also recently I’ve been trying to figure out school/career options but I am doing so slowly because I can’t afford to do much until I’m an official resident. I’ve had kids on the mind a lot… daydreaming about having them but also thinking about working with children. I am going to try it out in August at Fellowship Denver. Hopefully that will help me decide which age group I want to work with. Then I can decide which program at what school will work best for me!!

Right now I am just waiting for Miss Katelyn to get here on Wednesday. It has been such a long week waiting for her!! I will tell you all about it next weekend!! With lots of pictures. Until then…



  1. So great to get word about you and your life in CO. We really do miss you and Ty. We’ll be praying for you and your future plans.

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