Posted by: thecoloradan | July 21, 2012

my second visitor

Last week, my best friend in the whole world came to visit me. Katelyn and I have been friends for 11 years and been through pretty much everything together. We can be honest and blunt with each other, but also just get together and drive around not even talking. I hadn’t seen Katelyn in over 2 months which is probably the longest we’d been apart. Even when I went to UT, I came home about once or twice a month. It was so nice to have her here to talk to in person and catch up on the important things. We started out Wednesday evening by going to Outback, of course. Anyone who knows us will be utterly shocked to hear that’s where we went. 😉 Outback is our favorite place. We started going when we were 16 and I worked my first job as a hostess there. We split the same meal every time. We’re pretty much a couple. Then we walked around a shopping center, window shopped, and got chased by a bee. (Well I got chased by the bee. Okay…okay.. it was just nearby and I freaked out).
We went to Estes Park on Thursday after breakfast at a little hole in the wall called “Lisa’s Place”. So far, Estes is still my favorite place I have been to in Colorado. I just love the little stores, coffee and icecream shops, and of course the view. We tried buffalo burgers… they were not good. I couldn’t even finish mine. We stopped at Ravencrest to visit the FBC campgoers. It was absolutely gorgeous up there. Later we ate dinner and got gelato in Boulder. We searched for somewhere to have dessert, but everything closed really early. So we bought had chocolate bars instead. Then we just relaxed at home, talked some more and watched a movie.
Friday, we went downtown and ate at Snooze. Again, a fantastic breakfast. (If this all sounds familiar, its because I like Snooze, Estes Park, and Boulder so much that pretty much any visitor is forced to go). We saw The Amazing Spiderman, caught some awesome deals at The Gap and H&M, and walked the 16th St Mall. Then we went to Cherry Creek, yet another little suburb of Denver. Its a pretty fancy area of town with really nice houses and expensive stores. So we just window shopped. I drooled at Tiffany’s for a bit. We couldn’t think of anything we wanted to eat except chips and salsa, so we went to Chili’s. They have the best cheesecake anyway. After dinner, there was a forum at my church that I really wanted to go to and Katelyn was kind enough to oblige. She got a taste of my new church and we had great discussions before and after!
Sadly, Katelyn had to leave on Saturday. We tried crepes for the first time. They were fantastic! We shared a nutella & strawberry and also a ham, egg, spinach and hollindaise one. I had the BIGGEST cup of nutella hot chocolate ever. Totally worth every penny. We pretty much just hung out until I had to take her back to the airport.
I don’t think I can explain how much I love Katelyn. She has always been there for me. She will tell me what she thinks and tell me when I am being ridiculous (kindly of course), but she never judges me. She trusts me and lets me in, even though its really hard for her. I don’t mean to be mushy here, but she really is a wonderful friend. And I am so thankful that God put us together all those years ago and that He continues to keep our friendship strong. I can’t wait for September when I will see her again.


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