Posted by: thecoloradan | August 15, 2012

hiking anniversary

Yesterday was the two year anniversary of when Tyler and I became roommates. Or “roomieversary” as I like to call it. Neither of us are exactly sure when our friendship and continual hanging out turned into dates and a relationship, so I decided this is when we will celebrate our anniversary.  And he kindly obliges. I force him to take pictures and go on a date. We went hiking in Boulder and it happened to be the first time I have ever gone hiking. I was nervous I would hate it the whole time or just die of exhaustion. But I actually loved it! I think there will be many hiking trips in the future. Yes, it kicked my butt but I think for a first time and at such a higher elevation than I’m used to in flat-ole-Oklahoma, I did pretty well. You’ll see in the pictures that he was ahead of me for it but I made him stop so I could catch my breath (many times) and take pictures of how pretty it was. Yet again, you really can see the majesty of God’s creation up here. I had a brilliant idea and asked him if that could be a tradition- to do something one or both of us had never done for our annivesary. He agreed. 🙂

After the hike and getting all beautiful again, we went to dinner. I got to wear my new dress and my favorite shoes- mama’s cowboy boots. We ate at Texas Roadhouse, one of my absolute favs. And by ate- I mean stuffed our faces with cheese fries, honey-butter rolls, chicken (me), steak (him), and sides. Then we just hung out. He gave me flowers and a really sweet/funny card. He’s not much for romance so this literally made me giddy- seeing the flowers.

The main reason that I decided to post about this was to show you pretty pictures. So enjoy (even though they are all crappy cell pics)

 before the hike

 after. ugh.

 he can’t ever just smile. gotta be a goofball

 what we hiked. well, we hiked up part of it. first time, remember!

 told you.

 all those orange colors are the roofs of CU.

 about half way up

 more silly faces


 all cleaned up

 two years



  1. Happy 2nd anniversary! What a view. We love CO. You 2 look good also.

  2. I think that sounds like an AWESOME tradition to do for anniversaries! And man oh man Texas Road House sounds so good, I won’t be having that again for ages! Your dress is GORGEOUS on you! I love it! And “roomieversary” is freaking rad. 🙂 Love you and love your blog updates!

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