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catch up time (part 1)

Wow! It has been a really long time since I wrote on here. No excuses really… just haven’t made it a priority. In about a week I will be flying to OKC to celebrate Christmas with my family. I couldn’t get off for the week of- but as long as I see my family, it doesn’t really matter. The upcoming visit gave me the urge to post some pics from the last time I flew down. It was back in September for my daddy’s 50th birthday. I tried to fit in as much family and friend time, in two states, in about three days. I saw a movie with Abby (surprise- we already have plans to see Breaking Dawn when I’m in town), explored downtown OKC with Katelyn (something I have never actually done), drove to Texas with Nate to celebrate daddy’s birthday where I got to see my Aunt Tracy and Uncle Steve. I also had some yummy Tuckers with Mom, Patrick, Gramma and Grampa. ūüôā It was a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to be back in about a week!!

DSCN0411  Seeing some random movie with Bradley Cooper in it.




DSCN0398DSCN0404DSCN0409 Saw the Devon

DSCN0413DSCN0412 Family

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a few adventures

In the couple weeks since I last posted, I have been on a few “mini adventures”. One of my favorite things to do is jump in the car with Tyler and just drive. So far, we have stumbled upon some pretty cute little towns and far more beautiful natural places. When I am not on some random drive, I have been working, reading Anna Karenina (so good!) and dealing with the hardships of life. I recently lost my aunt Val to cancer and I have been trying to be there for my family. I messed up my knee and started going to physical therapy. She believes that my knee is messed up because of my hip, which has possibly had a tear in it since 9th grade. Anyone who knows me, knows I have had constant pain in my right hip for the last ten years, and now I know why. Maybe. Throw in some money issues (the “I don’t have enough” kind) and that’s my life recently. Oh! And I’ve also been trying to decide on grad school.

Believe it or not, I have been able to keep a mostly positive outlook on all this. I’ve been coming to God with it all and He has been holding me together. Not to say I don’t struggle, anyone who saw my facebook status yesterday knows that isn’t the case, but I have definitely been able to lay more of it at His feet and trust that He will take care of me. Luckily for me, He has placed a wonderful family who is always there to help me and a best friend who I can literally text/call at any time to talk it over with. He has given me His beautiful creation for an outlet when I am stressed. And He has literally taken care of me financially anytime something unexpected has come up. It really is amazing what can happen when you believe and trust in Him.

Anyway, that is about all that has gone on around here. Now I’ll leave you some pretty pictures. We went to Mt. Evans (with the highest paved road in America) and to Lake Dillon (where I drove a boat for the first time!)

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hiking anniversary

Yesterday was the two year anniversary of when Tyler and I became roommates. Or “roomieversary” as I like to call it. Neither of us are exactly sure when our friendship and continual hanging out turned into dates and a relationship, so I decided this is when we will celebrate our anniversary.¬† And he kindly obliges. I force him to take pictures and go on a date. We went hiking in Boulder and it happened to be the first time I have ever gone hiking. I was nervous I would hate it the whole time or just die of exhaustion. But I actually loved it! I think there will be many hiking trips in the future. Yes, it kicked my butt but I think for a first time and at such a higher elevation than I’m used to in flat-ole-Oklahoma, I did pretty well. You’ll see in the pictures that he was ahead of me for it but I made him stop so I could catch my breath (many times) and take pictures of how pretty it was. Yet again, you really can see the majesty of God’s creation up here.¬†I had a brilliant idea and¬†asked him if that could be a tradition- to do something one or both of us had never done for our annivesary. He agreed. ūüôā

After the hike and getting all beautiful again, we went to dinner. I got to wear my new dress and my favorite shoes- mama’s cowboy boots. We ate at Texas Roadhouse, one of my absolute favs. And by ate- I mean stuffed our faces with cheese fries, honey-butter rolls, chicken (me), steak (him), and sides. Then we just hung out. He gave me flowers and a really sweet/funny card. He’s not much for romance so this literally made me giddy- seeing the flowers.

The main reason that I decided to post about this was to show you pretty pictures. So enjoy (even though they are all crappy cell pics)

 before the hike

 after. ugh.

¬†he can’t ever just smile. gotta be a goofball

 what we hiked. well, we hiked up part of it. first time, remember!

 told you.

 all those orange colors are the roofs of CU.

 about half way up

 more silly faces


 all cleaned up

 two years

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even more visitors!

Last weekend my mama, stepdad, brother and his girlfriend came to visit. We mainly just hung out, visited some sites and the mountains, and ate really wonderful food. I had missed them terribly and it meant so much that they came to see me. I will just let the photos speak for themselves!

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my second visitor

Last week, my best friend in the whole world came to visit me. Katelyn and I have been friends for 11 years and been through pretty much everything together. We can be honest and blunt with each other, but also just get together and drive around not even talking. I hadn’t seen Katelyn in over 2 months which is probably the longest we’d been apart. Even when I went to UT, I came home about once or twice a month. It was so nice to have her here to talk to in person and catch up on the important things. We started out Wednesday evening by going to Outback, of course. Anyone who knows us will be utterly shocked to hear that’s where we went. ūüėČ Outback is our favorite place. We started going when we were 16 and I worked my first job as a hostess there. We split the same meal every time. We’re pretty much a couple. Then we walked around a shopping center, window shopped, and got chased by a bee. (Well I got chased by the bee. Okay…okay.. it was just nearby and I freaked out).
We went to Estes Park on Thursday after breakfast at a little hole in the wall called “Lisa’s Place”. So far, Estes is still my favorite place I have been to in Colorado. I just love the little stores, coffee and icecream shops, and of course the view. We tried buffalo burgers… they were not good. I couldn’t even finish mine. We stopped at Ravencrest to visit the FBC campgoers. It was absolutely gorgeous up there. Later we ate dinner and got gelato in Boulder. We searched for somewhere to have dessert, but everything closed really early. So we bought had chocolate bars instead. Then we just relaxed at home, talked some more and watched a movie.
Friday, we went downtown and ate at Snooze. Again, a fantastic breakfast. (If this all sounds familiar, its because I like Snooze, Estes Park, and Boulder so much that pretty much any visitor is forced to go). We saw The Amazing Spiderman, caught some awesome deals at The Gap and H&M, and walked the 16th St Mall. Then we went to Cherry Creek, yet another little suburb of Denver. Its a pretty fancy area of town with really nice houses and expensive stores. So we just window shopped. I drooled at Tiffany’s for a bit. We couldn’t think of anything we wanted to eat except chips and salsa, so we went to Chili’s. They have the best cheesecake anyway. After dinner, there was a forum at my church that I really wanted to go to and Katelyn was kind enough to oblige. She got a taste of my new church and we had great discussions before and after!
Sadly, Katelyn had to leave on Saturday. We tried crepes for the first time. They were fantastic! We shared a nutella & strawberry and also a ham, egg, spinach and hollindaise one. I had the BIGGEST cup of nutella hot chocolate ever. Totally worth every penny. We pretty much just hung out until I had to take her back to the airport.
I don’t think I can explain how much I love Katelyn. She has always been there for me. She will tell me what she thinks and tell me when I am being ridiculous (kindly of course), but she never judges me. She trusts me and lets me in, even though its really hard for her. I don’t mean to be mushy here, but she really is a wonderful friend. And I am so thankful that God put us together all those years ago and that He continues to keep our friendship strong. I can’t wait for September when I will see her again.

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Just wanted to do an update. I haven’t blogged in a while because my hard drive died on my computer. So I haven’t got one and it takes me forever to do it on this iPad. I’ve really just been working and trying to see some of Denver. Not much else going on. We planned on a couple camping trips but had to cancel reservations due to the fires. We visited Ft. Collins and I loved it! It’s so pretty and quite a bit closer to the mountains. It finally rained yesterday and today so hopefully the temperature will cool down and I can do some hiking and camping. I think I’m going to purchase a cheeeeeap bike too.

Also recently I’ve been trying to figure out school/career options but I am doing so slowly because I can’t afford to do much until I’m an official resident. I’ve had kids on the mind a lot… daydreaming about having them but also thinking about working with children. I am going to try it out in August at Fellowship Denver. Hopefully that will help me decide which age group I want to work with. Then I can decide which program at what school will work best for me!!

Right now I am just waiting for Miss Katelyn to get here on Wednesday. It has been such a long week waiting for her!! I will tell you all about it next weekend!! With lots of pictures. Until then…

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Happy birthday to my brother Nate!!! It is getting harder and harder to be away from my family with each passing holiday/ birthday. My brother is pretty freaking awesome! We fought all the time as kids but I seriously can’t imagine a better brother. He is so laid back and quiet but I know he loves me. He would drive all night to Colorado if I ever needed him. He is one of the funniest people in my life, and even though most of the time his jokes are disgusting potty humor, he cracks me up! I can’t wait to see him- hopefully in July. I love you Nate and I wish I could be there to celebrate!


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my first visitor

This past weekend one of my very best friends EVER came to visit me. Try not to be overwhelmed by the awesomeness that is B and I. Or judge us for the fact that the majority of our time together revolved around food.


Charlie came with me to pick B up from the airport. This is where she likes to ride. And don’t worry, I was stopped at a red light when I took the pic. And that is the only meal we ate at home. French toast, chicken sausage and fruit. Yummy!



We went to Estes Park, one of my favorite places to go. The view is gorgeous year round. The Stanley Hotel, where they filmed The Shining, was really neat. We stopped in¬†one of my favorite stores-a¬†little art and paper store that has really good espresso drinks. While in town, I bought some Colorado themed scrapbook stuff and B got a dream catcher necklace. We resisted temptation and didn’t get ice cream at one of the, oh probably 10, “old fashioned” ice cream parlors we passed. Although, we did stop in them all to smell the candy and cones!


Then we drove to Boulder and walked down Pearl Street Mall. We ate our first of many delicious (and I mean delicious!) meals on the rooftop patio of Lazy Dog. We got free samples of ice cream, yummy chocolates, and saw people doing yoga and sunbathing in the middle of the pedestrian mall. Boulder is an interesting place for sure! We decided that we needed a rest so we went back to my apartment and watched 500 Days of Summer. For dinner we went to a little town center called The Orchard. It is really adorable and we happened to stumble upon a concert going on. We sat on the patio of a Belgian Beer Cafe called The Cheeky Monk where we listened to music, ate the most amazing rabbit stew (in about 3 minutes) and I actually enjoyed a beer.


On Saturday after I got off from my opening shift, we went downtown and ate at Snooze, An AM Eatery. Here we had the most amazing breakfasts and the best coffee I’ve ever had. We also had yummy mimosas¬†and a random conversation with the ladies next to us. Then we drove around downtown, up into little cute neighborhoods of Denver, and needed another break. We watched The Ugly Truth and had girly conversations. And then it was time to eat again! We had Osteria Marco– an Italian restaurant in Larimer Square downtown. They make their own cheeses. If you know me at all, you know I love cheese. And crispy prosciutto and fig pizza apparently. We talked more and¬†telepathically¬†made fun¬†of the suuuuuper smart girl next to us. Later we went back to the Cheeky Monk with Tyler and had fondue and good conversation.


After I opened again on Sunday, we went to my new church. Then we went to Pridefest. For many, this may seem like a contradiction, but I am not even going to get into that. God loves everybody and that is all I have to say about it right now. It was like a huge festival with booths ranging from food and drink to informational booths about how to stay healthy. I will admit, we saw A LOT of boys in their underwear and girls in not much else. It was a really hot day (I burned!), so we pretty much just walked the entire thing and then headed to lunch. We walked the 16th Street Mall and had our last meal at Earls. Yet again, delicious. At this point, we were both exhausted!! We had more time to kill, so we explored the city some more. We stopped at The Shoppe where I had a fabulous cupcake and she had a mini pie. And then sadly, it was time for her to fly back to OKC.


It was so good to see Brittany. I have missed her terribly and I really enjoyed having someone to talk to and listen to. We talked about her moving to NYC and what it has been like here. I told her about my new philosophy on life right now (which I will share in another post- but that is where she got the title for her post about this weekend You Gotta Start Somewhere). I really do love this girl and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her. We have been through so much together, and I know our friendship will only continue to grow if we work at it! I love you B!

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girl love

I love and miss this beautiful lady so much! Today is her birthday and it depresses me to not celebrate with her. So instead, I shall tell you how wonderful she is!


She sees movies with me when no one else will. And talks with me through them, to the annoyance of everyone else in the theatre I’m sure. But we don’t care. She teases me because I always have to go to the bathroom right before the movie starts. She shares her candy with me.

She loves Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight just like me. Okay, probably more than I do!  She even wears these HP goggles when its eggnog season at Starbucks. And at Panera on lunch dates.

She works¬†hard. She just got promoted to ASM and is going to kick booty at it! I am so proud of her! She was¬†my favorite person to work with and¬†my job just isn’t the same¬†without her.


Her and her husband are super cute!!

Apparently, those are ALL the pictures of us I have. I’ll have to remedy that when she comes through Denver in August. I CAN’T WAIT! I have so many good memories with her! Learning how to eat crawfish, her “coming” to my 21st birthday party, many Harry Potter premieres, tricking the boys into watching HP, lunch dates, and Starbucks. I really hope we can still make more even a couple states apart.



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the last week

I’ve finally started exploring the wonderful city that I have moved to and have decided to post a few pictures from my adventures. Sorry, they’re all from my cell.

Driving south (very safely I might add)¬†into the city on my way to Fellowship Denver, the church I’ve been trying out for about a month.


I went to the First Friday Art Walk on Santa Fe. It was very similar to Paseo¬†Art Walk in OKC, only much larger. Every building had at least two levels with about 5 or 6 galleries. There were people on the streets playing music and selling their own art. Almost every gallery had a bar of some sort (also different, in OKC¬†we never had to pay for our little plastic cups of wine hehe). The art ranged from new age to Santa Fe style to almost pornographic. Sculpture, photography, jewelry, mixed-media, interactive –¬†it was all there. I plan to go next month too! And yes, that is a watermelon.


These are from the Capitol Hill People’s Fair. I really enjoyed it! They closed off a few streets downtown and had hundreds of booths. I walked around in the drizzly rain, ate toasted cinnamon almonds, entered every booth I could squeeze into, and had a great time. I registered to vote and after the rain got too heavy, I went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman.

¬† ¬†That’s right!

Yesterday, I went to the Denver Public Library Book Sale. It was almost too much for me. There were three HUGE tents filled with row upon row of books with dozens of people surrounding each table. I did manage to find 5 books (for only $5.50!) and I decided that was worth the drive. We then ate some delicious Cajun food at Bayou Bob’s off of the 16th Street Mall.


Today was my day off, so I have been enjoying a relaxing day of laundry, fresh summer fruit from the market, and Game of Thrones.


Life here¬†has been really great so far. And it can only get better because next week, my wonderful Brittany comes to visit. I’ll tell you all about the trouble we get into!

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